Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fun Day Fishing

While I was enjoying a wonderful day with Taylor, her parents, and some of her bridesmaids, Pop and Uncle C were having fun fishing with the girls.  When I asked him how the fishing trip went, he said they caught everything in the minnow bucket, so I would call the trip a success!

There really was no reason to actually take Lillian fishing.  Pop could have just let her ride around town holding the minnows and she would have been just as happy.

Although Maddie and Uncle C were trying their best in the pond, the real fishing was happening right in the boat!!  Little Bit loved on every minnow!

She also loved on Uncle C!

Two serious fishermen!!

No fish, but lots of fun!!
I wish I could put into words how beautiful Taylor looked in "the dress."  January 31 can't get here fast enough!! 


Next up-a little swimming and a sweet baby boy is growing up!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

She Said Yes

 The limo driver escorted her to various destinations that were special to Caleb and Taylor. Special friends were waiting at each place with a handwritten note leading her to the next place. Finally, she met Caleb at the River Walk.  

We all met at the Hall's for a little celebration!  I am thrilled he is marrying into such a wonderful family!!

Beautiful Sisters!! And both will soon be married!

These sweet friends made the day extra special!!

We couldn't be more thrilled!!! Welcome to the family!  We love you both bunches and bunches!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pop's Day-Part 2

Pop and the gang had a wonderful time together.  They played, snuggled, watched a little TV, and just hung out!  I think this is something he wouldn't mind doing again and again.  The girls will be here for a long weekend next week and we are super excited.  I have really missed them since I have started back to school.  Reed is growing so fast, and I have just got to work out a way to see them more.

Big Sis has already learned to multi-task!

Little Sis is rocking a cute little ponytail-courtesy of Pop himself!

And Reed is just hanging out until his next feeding!!

Fun was had by all!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


So, Pop left this afternoon to keep the girls and Reed tomorrow, and I am left here to work!! I am going to do my best not to moan, groan, whine or cry!  I know they will have a ball!

Pop sent me a few pictures from his phone this afternoon! Love my angels!!

Have fun Pop!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Geese, the Park, and a Princess Turns 28

In the morning I will begin my 31st year of teaching.  How in the world is that possible?  This summer has flown by way too fast.  I have made some very special memories with my sweet girls.  I also have been able to spend lots of time with precious, Baby Reed.  So, I am going to put my big girl pants on, try to find a smile, and jump back into my routine with both feet!!

The girls came for one last hoorah, and  Lindsey and I met at the corner by Lowe's off of 280. We were greeted by a flock of about 50 geese that were busy dodging cars and just hanging out!!!  Reed said he and Caleb had actually seen them there before, but didn't say anything because he didn't think anyone would believe him.  The bad news is that Lindsey texted me and said there were a couple of dead ones on the side of 280.  

The girls and I once again met up with Cathy and her kids at the park.  I love that Maddie and Lillian are getting to meet and spend time with children of their Mom's old friends!!  It amazes Maddie that everyone in town knows her name and knows her mom!!

Love my sweet, sweet girls!!  I also love how they love each other!!

Lindsey starts back to school this week and has a birthday!!  She, Josh and Reed joined us this weekend, so we celebrated a little early.  Maddie picked out that special crown as well as unicorn plates and napkins!  Happy Birthday!!! (I also have no idea why Lillian is crying in the picture!)

Goodbye Summer!!! Hello Real World!!  Next up, swimming and Baby Reed!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Fun

 Lindsey wanted to finish getting things ready in her classroom, so I headed east to spend the day with the babies.  I love these quick trips, and am really going to miss them when school starts next week.  How can it be possible that this summer is already over!?

Little Bit disappeared for a few minutes.  I found her in the bedroom adding some accessories to her wardrobe.  She was quite proud of her cute self!

I wanted to have a quick little photo shoot, but Lillian decided she really didn't want the whole trio in the pictures!!  She was content loving on Reed!

Maddie is growing up so very quickly these days!!!

I tried and tried to convince Lillian to sit by Maddie so I could get a cute picture.  She wasn't having it!!
She did sneak in several kisses though!

A few days later, we met at Uncle C's apartment, even though he was at the beach.  Lindsey, Josh and Maddie headed out to do a little back to school shopping, and I stayed with the little ones.  Reed is precious.  He is growing like a weed!

There is never a dull moment with this one!!!

We are also very happy to welcome the beautiful Rylie Drain to the family.  She was born this week, weighing in at a healthy 8 lbs. and 15 ounces.  She is so beautiful, and I am so glad that Reed will have a playmate his age!!

The girls are here for their last visit before school starts.  Lindsey, Josh and Reed are joining us for the weekend, and we can't wait!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Family Time

Before we left to take the girls home after their last visit, Maddie enjoyed a little fun with Uncle C in the pool.  I am amazed at her progress this summer.  She is a little water bug now!!

The girls also had a quick horseback ride!

We enjoyed a very quiet, sweet visit with Josh, Lindsey and our precious grandchildren when we took the girls home.  I was sad to see the girls go, but that will just make the next visit even better.  The great thing is that they are always thrilled to come visit, and thrilled to go home.  We've never had tears, and that makes it so much better!

Pop got in lots of snuggles!

Such a precious family!!

Lindsey had rearranged the playroom while the girls were visiting.  They made it a point to touch everything in there!!  These sweet little fairies made a quick appearance.

Reed has grown, but he's not nearly as big as he looks in pictures!

These two couldn't wait to get their hands on him!

More snuggles from Pop!  In the first picture, I think he's saying, "You really want me to share?"

Uncle C got in on the action, too!!

Fun times!!  And for the record - that's a baby doll Lillian has :) !!

I love my sweet family!!