Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Making Memories

We make it a priority to do really important things when the babies are here.  Things that hopefully they will always remember and will want to do over and over again!!  We get up early and go to bed exhausted, but we love and cherish every minute of it!!

Some of the important things we do-

Swim with friends! I have to be honest, the girls are just about over swimming for this summer.  But, when you've got friends to swim with it makes it so much more fun!

The girls took turns going back on forth between our house and Sara's to play.  I just love this!!

We try on hats!

We ride bikes!  We have mastered the circle on our bikes.  Notice that hill behind Maddie.  It may not look too big, but trust me-when Lillian veered off the side and headed down it at what seemed like 110 miles per hour, it looked huge!!! Luckily, it was nothing that a hug and a bath couldn't cure!!

And we concluded this visit by meeting Mom at Chuck E Cheese!!  Aunt Tay was at a Bridal Show with a friend, so Uncle C went with us!!  Fun was had by all!!! He did mention something about this being great birth control-not quite sure what he meant by that! (Insert wink here!)

Everything is more fun when you have your brother and sister with you!!

This one kept his serious face on most of the time, but he had a great time, too!  He just goes with the flow!  Best baby ever!

I didn't have many pictures of Maddie, because she and Pop hung out on the side for "big" kids trying to win all the tickets they could!!

And what you may wonder will 100 tokens get you??  Well, these beautiful green teeth, 2 slinkies and 1 plastic bracelet.  It also helps make lots and lots of memories!!

While talking to Maddie this morning when she was on her way to school, she wanted to know when they were coming back.  I told her soon, soon, soon!!!    Cheerleading starts this weekend, so we will be making lots of trips east!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Donuts and Buddies

We met Lindsey in Clanton to pick up our sweet babies for the weekend.  Maddie requested donuts, and we forced ourselves to agree to a stop at Krispy Kreme!!!!  I got extra excited when the Hot & Now sign was flashing!!  Amazingly, Maddie didn't like the hot ones!!  The rest of us dove right in though!!  I've said before that Maddie and Lillian have also been thrilled to have Ella and Emory living right up the street together!  Well, this weekend they had a ball together!  I predict lots and lots of more fun visits.  This is just a quick IPhone update of our weekend.  More to come later of our fun visit!!!

These two will always be buddies!!  They had been pushing Reed through the house, but Lillian was taking her turn here.

It's safe to say that Maddie has outgrown this swing, but she still loves it!  So, does Lillian!

I just love this!!  The girls had been at the house playing in the morning.  Here, they are headed up the street to play for a while.  Later, they came back to the house to swim, and then all went back to Ella's to play some more.  Just a perfect play day!!

What more needs to be said??  Yummy goodness!!


We are taking them back this afternoon, after a trip to Chuck E. Cheese!!  More to come!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Devil Birds and Water Spouts

Reed and I decided we'd sneak off to the beach for a little fun in the sun this past weekend.  As it turns out that just wasn't meant to be!  No sun, but still lots of peaceful fun and some really great food!  We spent Saturday on the beach under an umbrella and watched it rain!  Regardless of the rain, it was still the beach, and I really did enjoy it!

Sunday morning we were treated to something you just don't see every day-not one, but two waterspouts!  It was a pretty amazing site!  One actually went back into the clouds and reformed and came down again!

Pretty amazing thing to watch! It also sums up our weekend weather!!

Reed hates and I mean hates these darling birds!! I on the other hand actually enjoy feeding them!! Drives him crazy!  I think they must like him though!  They kept surrounding him as he watched the water spouts!

It's still beautiful on a rainy, yucky day!

After eating an early supper Saturday night, the sun did come out for a couple of hours!!  We were able to sit out and enjoy a beautiful sunset!!

And it doesn't matter how old you are-a ride through the tunnel is still a blast!!!

We are having some special guests this weekend, and we can't wait!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mountains to Climb and Bicycles to Ride

Pop and I had a ball with our babies this summer, and I was very sad to see Maddie head back to school.  She also now has gymnastics and cheerleading two times a week, so it's a little harder to schedule visits.  However, now that I am semi retired, I am planning on lots of quick trips there!  Look out Josh and Lindsey, Nana is on the way!!

First, I got in just a little trouble about this outfit!  Oh well!!  This one loved the sand!  I can't wait until our upcoming beach trip!  He's going to have a ball! Could he be any cuter?

Maddie has always been adventurous, and we were afraid that Lillian wasn't going to follow in her footprints.  By golly, she is proving us all wrong!!  She hung with Maddie every step of the way!

She loved it!  The higher the better!!

This angel was content watching and feeling the sand!

This makes we smile!!!  They are just so much fun!

Sand may not taste very good, but that ice cream cone afterwards did!!

There's lots going on here!!  Levi spent a few days with us, and he and Reed enjoyed fighting over toys!!  Reed LOVED Pop's corn on the cob, and Lillian loves that IPad.  We are amazed at how she can find just about anything she wants on it!!

Fun  in the pool!  The girls love having Ella and Emory up the street now!

This baby logged many, many miles on her bikes this summer!!!

It's been a great summer!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Blog of Firsts

Summer is winding down, and we have been making the most of it!

I simply can not believe our big girl has started first grade!!  Where has the time gone? 

Lillian's first gymnastics class didn't go quite as planned.  She spent most of it in her mom's lap.  However, at the end she played and jumped and decided she didn't want to leave.  She just didn't want to be in the organized class!!  Maddie loves gymnastics, and I think Lillian will too-eventually!!

And finally, we got to celebrate sweet Rylie's first birthday! She is just a doll!

There were lots of presents to open!

Lots of family!

Precious decorations!

And lots and lots of fun!!

Lillian didn't want to change into her swimsuit for awhile!! That didn't stop the fun though!

This one had a ball!!

Sweet memories!

This one had lots of fun, too!! So did the birthday girl!!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!