Monday, March 23, 2015

Once Upon a Time

January 31 was simply a perfect day.  I just don't think things could have been anymore beautiful.  Caleb and Taylor are such a precious couple!  Early one June morning a few years back  (3:17 am to be exact), I got a text from my sweet son that said the following, "Mark my words, I met my future wife tonight."  And so it began!  I truly believe that once in your life you meet someone that changes everything, and I am so thankful God brought them together.  I wanted to share a few pictures from this special day.

(All pictures were taken by Kaley Powell of Hayden More Photography.  We could not have been more pleased, and we highly recommend them!)

A little pre wedding fun with the sisters!!

Beautiful bridesmaids!  I so enjoyed getting to know Taylor's sweet friends during all the wedding parties and festivities!!

Handsome guys!!

The groom and his best man

The First Reveal

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Cutest flower girls ever!!!!

Just a little pre-ceremony exercise!!

Precious flower girl!!

Giving away the bride- 

There were lots of tears as they read their own specially written vows!

Beautiful Group!!

Maddie thought there was entirely too much kissing!

Just Precious!

Can't imagine our family without Taylor or Josh!!!

I have truly enjoyed getting to know Taylor's sweet, sweet family!  I am so very thankful Caleb will forever be a part of this family, too!

All you need is love........and a sister (or brother)!!

And you may kiss your bride!!

Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Marine

The little ones with Nana and Pop........

and Mom and Dad.

There was lots and lots of dancing!!

And soon they were off to begin their happily ever after!!

Fairy tales do come true!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Fun With the Girls

After so many weeks of yucky weather, it was great to be able to get out and play a little with the girls.  We always try to squeeze in a trip to the park.  On my way to take them back, Uncle C and Aunt Tay were at work, but we still stopped by their neighborhood to feed the ducks.  This is so much fun!  These ducks are extremely tame, and the girls are able to walk right up to them.  Or rather the ducks run right up to the girls!!

These smiles melt my heart!

Riding double!

She loves doing everything her big sister does!

Pop had to work a lot of the time the girls were here, but we are very glad he got to go to the park with us!

She loves to slide- and run-and jump-and play, play, play!!

And so does her big sis!

And at the duck pond- I love how they love each other!  (Most of the time!) :)

Maddie was fascinated when the ducks would go bottoms up!

Lillian didn't like to get as close to the water as Maddie.  No problem though-she hung back on the side walk.  When they would walk away, she would just call them back!

After a trip to Chick Fil A we headed to Alex City.  We picked up baby Reed from daycare and played with his cute self until mom and dad got home.  Next week is Maddie's Spring Break, and the kick off of TBall!  We just can't wait!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Flowers and Eggs

The girls came for a long weekend, and we try to cram as much as possible in those days!  Maddie doesn't have Spring Break until next week, but her mom let her miss a day, so we could have even more  fun!!  They are both growing up so fast!  Visits have always been lots of fun, but they are so easy now that they are older!  They also slept until after 7:00 each day which is just amazing!!  Now, if we could only convince them to send the baby we'd be all set!!

This angel has changed so much in the past several months!  She is now reading up a storm and a whiz in math.  I had to add the picture in the swing!  She has quite a sense of humor!!

I told them they could pick all the flowers they wanted!  They decided they didn't need quite as many as they thought!!

Little Bit's personality is really starting to shine!  She is simply a mess!!  Never a dull moment with her cute self!

They anxiously waited for Aunt Tay and Uncle C to hide eggs for them.  (We thought we'd get in a little early practice!)

Please notice that at some point Lillian decided to go upstairs and re-dress herself!  This happens quite often.  They both love Aunt Tay and Uncle C!

I'm not sure who had the most fun-Maddie or Levi!!

Lots more of our visit to come!!