Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mr. Blue Eyes

We have made several trips to east Alabama recently.  There are lots of stories to tell!  Stories about chickens, gardens, ballgames, and such!  But, this story is about a precious 10 month old, bright blue eyed boy that has learned to walk. 

He's still just a little wobbly, but man he's learning fast.  Oh, the places he will go!!

He smiles, talks, laughs, and makes life complete!!  What a joy!! 
 Next up, more on those ballgames, chickens and such!  And on another note, it is seldom that I am truly surprised, but Lindsey accomplished that by hacking my blog and writing the last post.  I can honestly say that it was the only time I shed any tears over retiring. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Here's to you, Mrs. Marine!!!

Surprise! Your blog has been hacked! Yes, I figured out your password! Enjoy.....

Dear Mom,

Today is the last day you will walk the halls of Aliceville Elementary School as a Literacy Coach and former First Grade Teacher. I find it hard to believe that this day has finally come for you. We all know that you have contemplated the decision to retire for quite some time now and I am sure this final day will be bittersweet for you.  I have heard countless stories throughout my life about your students, co-workers, administrators, and school family. It is a running joke among our family that we can't go out in public within a 100 mile radius of Aliceville without someone recognizing you as their first grade teacher or their child's teacher. Growing up, I can remember thinking that you had to be the  most disciplined and strict teacher in the whole school. Now I know that you were a strong teacher. A teacher who was always focused on improving the lives of your students. There are times when I am speaking to my own students and have to stop to laugh because I know "I sound just like my mother." I have no doubt that you are probably one of the most influential teachers to ever step foot in Aliceville Elementary School. Today, you will leave that school respected and loved by so many. You have been a leader, a motivator, an advocate, and at times a parental figure for your students. Thank you for setting the bar so high. Thank you for guiding me into my career as a teacher. Thank you for teaching me to be a constant learner and to never forget my purpose as a teacher. Enjoy your next phase of life in semi-retirement! Feel free to come babysit your grandchildren at any time!

With love,


I borrowed some pictures from your blog of you and your co-workers. It's funny to me that you are not in very many of these pictures! I know that there is no way I could include pictures of all the people you have grown to love over the years but here are just a few for you to enjoy. 

Your family is looking forward to spending lots of time with you! Congratulations and Happy Retirement! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pop's Garden Helpers

Pop plants a big garden at his shop, and a small container garden at the house. Maddie used to love to help Pop in the garden at the house. She would gently love on each little tomato as they grew!! Not so much this year though!  She didn't want to get dirty.  No need to worry though, Pop still had lots and lots of great help!  Lillian dug right in (literally), and had a ball!  Big Sis eventually joined in the fun.  She is growing up so fast.

Sweetest 2 year old ever!!!

She didn't want to help at first, but she did want to make sure it was done correctly.

She's concentrating on doing a great job!!  I also need to add that I fix her hair several times a day when she is here.  However, bows and ponytails are just not her thing.  And I smile everytime I look at pictures like this, because I know her mom is saying, "I can't believe she put that on the blog!"

The more dirt the better!!

Her smiles just make me melt!!

Up to her elbows in dirt and fun!!

Still checking out things from a distance!

Big Sis couldn't stand it any longer!  She jumped in and had a little fun herself!

I can't wait until these tomatoes, peppers and such are ready to eat!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Please Stop Raining

During a very brief break in the rain this weekend, the girls and I headed out to play a little.  (Pop was working.) Sidewalk chalk and bubbles were fun for a bit, but as usual the hill was the most fun!  Lillian is really getting the hang of it now with some help from her big sis!

Watch me Nana!


 For some reason or another, her mother will occasionally say something about the soles of her shoes being a little worn when she returns home. Hmmmm...........


The only problem about going down the hill is that you have to push the big wheel back up!

Sticking your tongue out obviously makes you go faster!

Best big sister ever!!

She is able to convince Maddie to take it back up the hill, so she can play!

Watch me!!

This looks so sweet, but Lillian actually said, "Look Nana, Kitty's not biting me!"

As luck would have it, the drizzle started back just a few minutes after this fun began!  I just returned from taking them back.  More to come on our fun visit!

Jacob's Ladder Sunday

Lillian and Reed attend the same wonderful preschool that Maddie attended.  Once a year, they have Jacob's Ladder Sunday.  This is a really big event with a church full of parents, grandparents, family and friends.  This was the day after Maddie's birthday party, so we were excited about getting to do both in the same weekend.

This sweet thing walked in with the group and all was going great………

That is until she decided this wasn't what she wanted to do at this particular time!!  She spent the rest of the program in her mom's lap!  

This is the rest of her group singing.

At the end of the program, the helpers walked in with the babies.  Sweet Reed!!

Even though Lillian didn't sing a note, Nana and Pop are so glad we were able to be there.  Maybe next year!!