Saturday, February 6, 2016

Princess for a Day

I don't think there is anything better for a six year old than getting to put on make up, dress up in a beautiful dress, and be a princess for a day!

This brings back  so many memories!! Seems like yesterday that it was her mom getting ready!!

Beautiful dress, beautiful stage, and an extra beautiful girl!!


Oh so beautiful!!  She didn't miss a beat!  All smiles!!

And as always, her biggest fans are there cheering her on!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Times

There are no words for how much we enjoy these babies!!  We don't have to do much to have a good time!!  I had been down for a few days earlier in the week, but Pop hadn't seen these cuties for a while!  They were all  glad to see each other!

This one introduced me to a whole new kind of love!!  She is growing up too fast!!

And this little spitfire keeps us on our toes with her cute little self!!  And she made our hearts grow even more!!

It is very safe to say that these two are buddies!! Reed calls him our "bonus baby" and he is definitely that!!

It was a beautiful day to do a little exploring!

He is going to break hearts!!  

Look out Gracie!!! Poor kitty!

So much fun!!

He can hang with his big sisters!!

We headed back after lunch!  I am headed back this week to attend Lillian's Valentine dance! I can't wait!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Huey, Dewie, and Louie

Well, the zoo at the Smith house continues to grow.  Somehow, someway Josh acquired 3 ducks from a "friend" at work!!  I think they just kind of appeared in a crate in the back of his truck.  They are "yard" ducks, and without going into too much detail, they might not be the brightest animals in the barn!!  They are also quite entertaining and fun to watch!

They were trying to crate them for the night.  It was quite entertaining to watch!  Maddie was determined to be successful!!

Reed got into the chase!!  The little rascals found a really good hiding place in the bushes. It was quite the challenge to get them out!

Everyone got into the chase - but the little rascals came out in their own good time!

They went that a way!!!!!

Josh and Lindsey were finally able to catch them in a crate.  They put them into the garden area which is fenced.  The plan was to keep them in there at night and let them be "free range" during the day.  Sounds good, but they won't come out of the gate.  Not sure how this one's going to turn out!!

And guess what season is fixing to start!!! Maddie moves up to coach pitch, and we think Lillian is going to play t ball this year!! Should be interesting!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chuck E. Cheese

The girls were here for the weekend.  (Baby Reed was sick.)  We planned to take them to Alabama's championship parade, but we decided it was just too cold!  So, we loaded them up and headed to the new Chuck E. Cheese in Tuscaloosa.  We have been to the one in Birmingham several times, but this was our first visit here.  I loved everything but the location - the parking stinks!! The girls on the other hand loved it all!!!

There were horses to ride!

 Rides with the old mouse himself!

Helicopter ride that Maddie loved!  Lillian-not so much!!  I don't have very many pictures of Maddie, because she spent most of her time on the big girl games with Pop.

And speaking  of Pop, he was always around handing out those tokens!  

Lots of smiles and lots of  fun!!

Just in case you're wondering---100 tokens gets you enough tickets to get two bracelets, 2 bookmarks, 2 sets of fake teeth and lots and lots of memories with Nana and Pop!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Sorta Snowy Day

The girls, Pop and I anxiously awaited for the big snow that we just knew was coming.  I had visions of snow blanketing the yard, cars and roof.  I dreamed of watching the girls build a snowman and make snow angels!  Oh well, maybe next time!  Fun was still had by all!

Look closely and you can see a few drops!!  Maddie did manage to catch a few snowflakes!

Wild hair don't care!!!  She still had a ball!!

I love how they love each other!! (Most of the time!)

After lots of fun, the girls headed in, saddled up, and went for a little ride!!

They also had a little picnic - inside the hunting tent that is set up in the corner of the den!

Later in the day, Pop and Maddie went hunting.  They did see some deer, but I think Pop decided it was just a little too cold to worry with one today!  Besides, who needs deer when you've got cheese and crackers! I think they just enjoyed the time together! (Photos by Pop)

Look out deer! She is definitely ready!!

Reed was sick and didn't make it this time, and boy did we miss him!  We can't wait until our next snow day! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Eggs, Parties, Tractors and Trophies

I made another quick trip across the state to see our sweet little ones!  I wouldn't take anything for these fun trips!  They are all growing so fast, and I don't want to miss a thing!!

Reed got a little work done on the tractor..........

The girls gathered eggs, and then rode them around for awhile.  Reed was making sure everything was ok.  (I still can't  believe that Lindsey has chickens-and loves it!)

I got to take Lillian to a friend's birthday party.  The party was held at the gym where the girls take gymnastics.  Needless to say, she had a ball!!

I just love this sweet smile!!

The trip ended at the Sport's Banquet for the football teams and cheerleaders.  Lots of fun memories!

The babies will be here this weekend, and we just can't wait!  Maddie has plans for a big hunting trip with Pop!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well, It Happened Like This

While returning home from the funeral of a sweet friends brother, Jean, Susan and I may or not have been in deep (important) conversation.  About one mile or more down the road from where this story takes place, Jean suddenly says that we need to go back because she saw a German shepherd puppy on the side of the road. (I must add that Susan and I saw nothing!)  I am still not sure why it took her so long to reach the decision to go back, but it was obvious to us that this was one of those things that was just meant to be.

When we pulled up, this precious one was just sitting there looking down the road!  It was as if she knew her new mommy was on the way!!

If you look closely toward the barn, you will see Jean sitting on the ground trying to get the baby to come to her.  She would follow me, but would not let me catch her.  Lucily, a sweet man stopped to help.  Thankfully, she let Mike put his hand on her, and I was able to pick her up!

All's well that ends well!!  Jean and I have both picked up our share of strays, but we've never found one that looks like a full (or almost full) blooded German shepherd.  We did call several people that live nearby, but no one claimed the baby!

Headed to her new home! 

It was love at first sight!

 She is just beautiful, but she was skin and bones!  She actually found this bag of dog food on her own!  Right after Jean put her down, she headed straight to the laundry room and dove right in!!
 There was a little (or a lot) of reluctance on Steve's part.  But, I know he will love this sweet girl just as much as Jean!  This little one will have a great life!  She's one lucky puppy!!