Friday, July 25, 2014

Family Time

Before we left to take the girls home after their last visit, Maddie enjoyed a little fun with Uncle C in the pool.  I am amazed at her progress this summer.  She is a little water bug now!!

The girls also had a quick horseback ride!

We enjoyed a very quiet, sweet visit with Josh, Lindsey and our precious grandchildren when we took the girls home.  I was sad to see the girls go, but that will just make the next visit even better.  The great thing is that they are always thrilled to come visit, and thrilled to go home.  We've never had tears, and that makes it so much better!

Pop got in lots of snuggles!

Such a precious family!!

Lindsey had rearranged the playroom while the girls were visiting.  They made it a point to touch everything in there!!  These sweet little fairies made a quick appearance.

Reed has grown, but he's not nearly as big as he looks in pictures!

These two couldn't wait to get their hands on him!

More snuggles from Pop!  In the first picture, I think he's saying, "You really want me to share?"

Uncle C got in on the action, too!!

Fun times!!  And for the record - that's a baby doll Lillian has :) !!

I love my sweet family!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun at the Park

Maddie and I have always enjoyed visits to the park.  We are both enjoying Lillian on these trips now.   The weather was so cool last week that we were able to enjoy a couple of early mornings at our park here. Lillian is at the most precious age now.   Maddie is (usually) very patient with her, and they have lots of fun together.  I love watching how they interact together!

Lillian is very adventurous like her sweet sister!

Maddie got up quite early and immediately put her swimsuit on.  I had to convince her that a trip to the park was first on the agenda.

Love my sweet girls!!

Our second trip was even more fun than the first, because Miss Cathy and her kids joined us!!  These children swim with the girls in the afternoon, so they have become buddies!

I am going to miss these girls and their sweet brother like crazy when school starts!!

Giddy up!!

The weekend can't get here fast enough!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Best Uncle Ever!

Uncle C had a meeting in Tuscaloosa late one afternoon this week.  When it was over, he and Taylor made a quick trip over to visit with the girls.  They were thrilled!!  They truly love Uncle C, and the feeling is mutual!

We didn't know he was coming until he was almost here.  When I told the girls he would soon be here, they lined up their chairs and waited not so patiently.  Maddie rushed to make them a special sign. (Excuse the iPhone pictures!)

Who cares if you have your suit on?  It's time for the box and airplanes!!

Sometimes you have to take a break and have a little chat!

Two for the price of one!!

Even Uncle C's shoes are fun!!

Sometimes surprise visits are the very best visits!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Reed and I recently hosted a get together for our church's children's group "Bold" and their parents.  The goal was to introduce everyone to our new pastor. The only problem with that was that our new pastor and his sweet wife are really just special friends that God has lead home.  We are thrilled to have them back, and were happy to be just a part of welcoming them back!

I didn't take lots of pictures, so I didn't get pictures of lots of people that were here!  So sorry!……….  

Hotdogs, ice cream sandwiches, catching up and swimming made the night lots of fun!!  Lots of these children were some of my former daily swimmers, so it was great to have them back!

If you weren't here, please know that you were missed!  Welcome home Tim and Terrie!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

And He Grows

Lindsey and Maddie spent a recent day working in her classroom, and Lillian and I spent the day snuggling with Reed.  In the pictures, he looks much bigger than he actually is.  He's quite the eater, so I am expecting him to grow rather quickly though.

Is there anything in the world more precious than a sweet newborn?

His big sisters think he's pretty special, too!!

I am headed back this Tuesday to visit and bring the girls back!  Fun times are ahead!!  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snuggles, Swimming and Such

We made another quick visit to snuggle on Reed a little, and to bring the girls back with us for the fourth.  I can't say that he has really grown very much.  He probably weighs around 8 pounds now, but he is still tiny.  I think that snuggly newborn stage is the greatest of all!  You blink your eye and they're grown!!

Pop is in heaven with his buddies!

 Reed has two great big sisters!!

Anyone want to wager how spoiled this one's going to be by his Pop?


At the beginning of the summer, Maddie enjoyed the pool, but wouldn't put her face in the water.  Now, she has exceeded all of our expectations!  Today she mastered going to the bottom of the deep end getting rings!!

She also offers free rides to turtles!!

As I've said many times before, "God Bless Maybelle".  Her pedigree leaves lots to be desired, but she's  an angel with the girls.  

Back to swimming, as Lillian watches over as lifeguard, Maddie conquered the slide.  She had first said that she would only do this with Uncle C, or when she turns 6!!  Today she let Pop catch her a few times, and then told him to go to the shallow end!  She's a pro now!!  They celebrated the accomplishment with a popsicle and a little snuggle!

My summer is flying by this year!!  I wouldn't trade a second of it though for all the wonderful memories we've made!!